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This morning our English teacher told us to write an article about anything that we wanted to, but obviously related to school. After thinking about it, we thought we should write about our favorite teachers, so in this article we are going to talk about the best teachers at Vallmont and why we like them.

The first person we would like to mention is Mariano Díaz, our language and literature  teacher. We really like the way he treats us as adults, also how he lets us figure out the theory by ourselves by using examples.  He uses the book as a guide regarding what we need to learn, but we make our own book so that we understand everything better. Another thing we are thankful for is that he worries about us, not only academically but also in our personal lives, he helps us in the way we express ourselves.

The next teacher we’d like to talk about is Lucia Barragán, our English teacher who is currently on maternity leave because she’s pregnant. She is our tutor and we love her classes because they are very fun and we learn a lot not just following the book but also playing and doing activities. We also like her because she worries a lot about us, she inspires us a lot and treats us with respect and as a friend. She is always there if we have any problems or we need help. We also can talk with her about personal things such as hobbies, tv programs…We have a really good relationship with her and we miss her a lot. Please come back soon! Good luck with your baby!

We hope that everyone liked it and thanks for reading.

Sarah Monte, Carmen Pinillos and Alejandra Pérez – 2nd ESO

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