Congress of Deputies

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Vallmont schools 3rd of ESO went to visit the Congress of Deputies on the 6th of november (Monday).  We all loaded into two buses and went.

When we arrived at the Congress of Deputies, we entered into the hall where we met our tour guide.  He started by explaining what we would be seeing.

First, all the students went to a door.  This first door led to a room and is the door  by which all the kings enter.  The second door led to a room where there was a table and an old clock that explained all the movements of the planets and the time. The third and last door took us to the room where all the Deputies gather and debate.

The guide explained all the different functions and features for each of the different rooms and at the end of the tour there was a photographer there to take lots of photos of us.

This was our visit to the congress and it was a very interesting trip.

Inés Mateus and Ana Martínez – 3rd ESO

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