Drama Spoon Puppets

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We are doing a cooperative project for the students of primary, which consists in creating spoon puppets. Our class of 2ºB is representing the play, “GOLDILOCKS AND THE 3 BEARS”.

We have been working on our spoons for three weeks now during our drama classes using: poster paper, glue, plastic, and other materials that we have brought. A few days ago we finally finished.

The process took some time because we had to create the templates, then cut the poster paper and glue it to the spoon. Something that looks simple but it took some time, yet it was cool and fun at the same time.

Now that we are done, we are going to present the play to the children and we hope that they enjoy and love it. Our class liked the project a lot and found it really interesting.


By: Diego Vidal and Gonzalo Molinelli

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