One morning in the Zarzuela

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On November 21, the 3rd of ESO course went to see “Una mañana a la Zarzuela” in Madrid.

This trip was focused on the subject of music, where we could see what a zarzuela was, focused on our age group.

A zarzuela is a Spanish work where it is partially spoken and sung.

The work we saw was about a young man named Virginio who worked in a lottery administration and wrote zarzuelas in his free time, and Felipe, a great football fan, the two, who were complete opposites, but with something in common: they loved Cecilia, a young cuban girl.

We had the pleasure of hearing adapted Zarzuelas such as Barberillo de Lavapiés and Cecilia Valdés among others, represented by the different characters of the work.

We found it entertaining.

Sara Granado, Lucia Iglesias, Olivia Gonzalez – 3rd ESO

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