Our Experience in 3rdESO

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In our opinion 3rd is much more difficult, since we have new classmates and new assignments, such as ByG. We have also noticed that you have to be attentive in class since there is more content in the subjects and not paying attention can result in a low academic performance.

What has most caught our attention is that there are more things to study and there are not as many practices as in 2nd, that is to say that now in the subjects the most important thing is the theory.

We have also noticed that we have to study every day since at any moment we can be  surprised with a study test.

Already at the end of the first evaluation we are somewhat tired, but we only have one last push to get to the holidays so we are going to give it everything we have in the globals so we can relax.

By: Candela Eguren and Pilar Sánchez – 3 ESO

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