A trip to the “Telefonica museum”

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We left school at half past nine and went by bus to Madrid. The museum was in Gran Via. The bus journey was noisy, like always. And teachers had to shut us up!

When we arrived, we were separated into 4 groups, each one with a different guide. My group, first, went to the old phone exposition. There, we found a very old switchboard with which we played and tried to talk to one another with the old fashion phones. There was a corridor with a really large table as well with some old phones and tablets on which we could read stuff about what we were seeing and play games as puzzles or guessing a strange language. But the coolest thing in that room was a small cabinet on which you tried on virtual glasses and lived an adventure in a different world. The problem was that it was only ten minutes per student so most of us didn’t get to try.

An hour later, my group and I went up to another room where our guide, Roberto, explained to us all about Norman foster. He showed us different models of buildings he designed. It was really cool! They’re even thinking about building houses on the moon!!

Finally, we went to see the Mars exposition where the teachers took a photo of us on a Mars poster, it was so much fun!!

Ana Richart – 2nd ESO

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